Body Power, Immunity and Protection

Body Power, Immunity and Protection

A few days ago I was talking to a very dear friend Dr Zulia Frost. In my life, I have never met anyone like Zulia, for me she is the true essence of being a doctor- she promotes and embodies health, she comes from her heart and she selflessly serves humanity. 

We talked about the best healer on the planet right now is ourselves… our incredible body, its beyond intelligence and its power to heal, to protect itself if we ‘give it a chance’. We explored what ‘giving it a chance’ might be and what boosts our immunity so we can shake off this virus more easily.

Here’s a few of our thoughts :

  • Remove all possible causes that can lower the immune system down, like stress, lack of sleep, excessive drinking, toxic exposure, etc.
  • Here comes the isolation, this is to reduce a viral load, so as much as you can, avoid close contact with groups of people. It is best to isolate yourself during this period.
  • Upregulate immune system, this is easy, you know the answer: high doses of Vitamin D3, high doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, Probiotics, Nucleotides, Immune booster formulas.
  • Use powerful natural antiseptics & antibacterial, for example, you can add a few drops of colloidal silver, or olive leaf extract, or Oregano essential oil, or sea salt or apple cider vinegar or soda bicarbonate to water and rinse your throat and nose. Wash your hands frequently. We have our new Protection Hand Sanitiser Collection which includes Oregano Oil- perfect for keeping your hands cleansed without drying them out.
  • Resting our nervous system …. relaxing music, hot baths in the evening, nourishing our skin, hot water bottle and a herbal night time drink- my favourite is liquorice, lemon verbena, rose buds and lavender.
  • Keeping your mood positive and hopeful. Perhaps keep a journal of things that make you happy everyday (you can also download an app that takes a second of everyday), call a friend or family member, read your favourite book or perhaps make your favourite dinner.
  • Breathing techniques (try my Breath of Peace video here).
  • From Dr Emoto’s inspiration, drinking energised water 2 litres a day… I have put an amytrine crystal in our water jug written ‘love’ underneath and picked whatever I can from the garden… at the moment sage, mint and some fennel.

Play some 432 healing music (you could try Soul Medicine) lie down, make yourself comfortable and warm. If you have some essential oils or sleep mist would be ideal) apply a few drops/ spritz to your palm and inhale deeply.

Become aware of your breathing watching your breath as you inhale ware of the gap in your breath and then watching your exhalation, letting your exhalation become a little longer understanding this activates your parasympathetic or zen part of your nervous system.

Then place your hands on your heart and think how amazing your heart is, it never stops beating and gives you life, imagine it’s like an innocent puppy that needs your love and let that loving kindness flow from your hands. Do the same over your lungs, say in your mind ‘thank you for giving me life’ for every breath and let that love flow from your hands to your lungs.

Then place your hand over your navel- imagine all of your internal organs like the sweetest puppies all serving you 24 /7 and send them love.

See if you can make time a few times a day to self heal and self love.

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