Boosting Ojas

Boosting Ojas

I have always loved this time of the year in the UK; there is a beautiful, rich and vibrant energy surrounding late autumn and the beginning of winter.

Nature’s colours of purple, magenta, burnt orange and yellow reflect the most exquisite light and there is a final burst of energy and vitality before winter pulls us in.

Consciously tapping into this positive flow is one of the best ways to boost our ‘ojas’, a particular form of radiant energy that the Yogis perceive as our ‘essence of vitality’ or ‘the fluid of life’.

Late autumn is the ideal season to build up this vital life source and gather the energy we need to stay healthy and radiant throughout the winter months.

Tips for boosting ojas

There are many ways that we can create space in our lives to strengthen ojas:

  • eating seasonal, wholesome, unprocessed foods like root vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere
  • sipping hot water or herbal teas to help keep our channels of energy clear and vibrant
  • meditating on a daily basis to allow time and space for us to attune our cells to receive that which is positive
  • self-massage with an oily scrub to stimulate our skin and the ojas, or radiance, in the skin.

Massaging with oils soothes and nurtures the nerves, enabling the feeling sensation of ojas to spread throughout the body.

Marma massage is also particularly good at this time of the year.

Above all, it’s essential to create space each day for down time, family fun and emotional nourishment.

There’s nothing like shared laughter and the blissful company of loved ones to boost ojas and nourish the body’s vitality and immunity.

Take a brisk walk through November’s waning rainbow of colours with your nearest and dearest for an invigorating reminder of just how beautifully accessible this energy is to us all.

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